Tastes Like: Apple, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Hazelnut Orange, Star Fruit, Tangerine  - Fairtrade Organic (FTO)

Origin: Female Producers of Santa Lucia Teotepec

This is a community lot from 13 female producers in Santa Lucia Teotepec, Oaxaca;

  • Lucia Flores Velasco
  • Victoria Medina Cruz
  • Cristiana Mendoza
  • Juana Santiago Salinas
  • Margarita Santiago
  • Aquilina Torres Moreno
  • Valentina Torres Velasco
  • Julita Velasco
  • Catalina Velasco Velasco
  • Agapita Zarate
  • Maria Velasco
  • Rosalva Sierra Mendoz
  • Lucia Salinas Quintas

These 13 women began cultivating coffee as per the traditions of the community. When they started planting trees, prices were good and the land wasn’t as depleted as it is now. Since then coffee has been the principal means of supporting the families of the Teotepec region.

The producers of Teotepec produce coffee in sustainable ‘coffee gardens’ - cherries are handpicked, with special attention placed on collecting only the best fruits, ensuring consistency and quality in the cup. The varieties are grown by this group are Typica, Bourbon and Marsellesa. All 13 are certified Fairtrade, Organic and C.A.F.É Practices.

These producers have been able to adapt to climate change by implementing new cultivation strategies. However today the biggest challenge they face is the market price of coffee. In the past, even when they produce good quality coffees, they didn’t receive prices to justify the physical, economic and environmental investments they have previously made. This year Condesa and our export partner AMSA have made a profit-sharing commitment with this producer group, with 50% of all profits being given back to the producers, on top of the premiums for quality already paid for the coffee originally.

  • Origin: Mexico
  • Region: Female Producers of Santa Lucia Teotepec
  • Varietal: Arabigo, Typica, Bourbon and Marsellesa
  • Altitude: 1248 MASL
  • Process: Fully washed
  • Tastes Like: Apple, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Hazelnut Orange, Star Fruit, Tangerine