As coffee roasts get darker, they lose the origin flavours of the beans and take on more flavour from the roasting process. The body of the coffee gets heavier, until the second crack, where the body again thins. Lighter roasts also have more acidity than darker roasts.

We use this roast profile for our specialty single origins. By lightly roasting the coffee we maintain the characteristics of the bean as defined by the varietal, terroir, and climate.

We slowly develop the bean and bring it to a gentle drop just after “first crack”. This allows us to maximise the natural flavours of these high-quality beans.

The perfect roast profile for quality single origins.

The art of roasting provides us with a blank canvas to develop flavour profiles that are uniquely 36th Parallel Coffee.

This is our take on third waive roasting profiles. With this roasting profile we strike a balance between the natural characterises of the green beans in the blend and the development of a balanced espresso. It is our lightest roast for blends.

Roasting just a few degrees more that our singles roast profile is just enough to deliver that unique 36P taste.

Light taste that stays true to its original flavours with a crisp acidity

DECAF is often overlooked and not roasted to its full potential. Our DECAF roast profile is brought to a gentle drop just after the “first crack” to deliver toned-down acidity, with aromas of chocolate and citrus. 

The flavour is a little stronger. The acidity is lower and the body of the coffee gives a fuller profile.

A no compromise DECAF.

For those of you who like their blends a little darker. This is our take on the traditional espresso. The beans are fully developed during the roast profile and allowed to develop their sugars whilst toning down the acidy.

Dropped between “first crack” and “second crack” this roast profile delivers great balance and darker notes.

Delivering deep and sweet flavours, and a heavy body.

For those of you who like their blends dark and bold. This is our darkest roast profile.

To assist with the balance and overall taste of, we also utilise more complex blends which incorporate up to 5 different origins.

By developing the sugars and the caramels in the blend to the max we can deliver a full-bodied and well-balanced coffee with notes of dark chocolate and aniseed.

Dropped just before “second crack” this roast profile delivers great balance and darker notes.