You need to be logged in to your account to see and redeem your loyalty points.

01) Click on the Loyalty Bean icon on the bottom left of the home screen. 

The "Rewards" Icon.


02) The loyalty widget will pop up

Make sure you are logged in to your account.

You can also access the loyalty widget from the "My Account" area after you have logged in.

03) If you are logged in to you account you will see all your points and different tabs.

To redeem a voucher - Click on the "Redeem illy loyalty beans" tab.

If you have enough points then redeem the relevant award.

04) Once you have redeemed a code you will be able to see your codes in the "Discount Codes" tab.
You can either 'copy it to clipboard' and paste the code manually or click 'Apply' to automatically apply it to your cart.


05) You don't have to use your voucher straight away. They are valid for 24 months.

Voucher codes that have not been used can be found under the "Discount Codes" tab.

Just log in to your account and they will be there. Apply as needed.

06) Detailed Points activity

07) Launch Loyalty Widget