A brief history

The syphon coffee maker - also know as the vacuum pot - has been rediscovered only recently, but in fact, it actually dates back nearly 200 years: it is believed to have been created by the German inventor Loeff in 1830. This is a very spectacular way of making coffee: the device uses two glass vessels, one on top of the other. The water moves first from bottom to top as it is heated, and then moves back from top to bottom because of the vacuum effect caused as the lower chamber cools. The result is a drink made by infusion and then filtered

Preparation method


  • Medium/coarse ground coffee


  • Range* 50-70 g/l
    • RANGE: refers to the range that can be used for the quantity of coffee, which will vary according to personal taste and the type and roast of the coffee being used. 
  • Brew ratio* 1:15 recommended
    • BREW RATIO: the relationship between the amount of coffee and the quantity of water used (eg: 1:15 = 60 g coffee per 900 ml water).
  • Quantities for two cups:
  • 20 g coffee for 300 ml water


  • Syphon
  • Syphon filters
  • Heat source
  • Professional grinder doser
  • Mug (150-300 ml)


  1. Place the paper filter in the metal filter holder.
  2. Add the correct amount of water to the lower vessel.
  3. Fit the filter in the upper vessel and fit the upper vessel to the lower one. 
  4. Place the correct quantity of coffee on the filter in the upper vessel.
  5. Place the syphon over the heat source (electric heater or burner).
  6. Wait until nearly all the water has moved into the upper vessel. This is the point at which the remaining water starts to boil. Preheating the water in the lower vessel helps to make preparation faster.
  7. Mix the coffee in the upper vessel for a few seconds.
  8. Remove the device from the heat source.
  9. The coffee is sucked from the upper vessel into the lower one because of the reduction in pressure created (vacuum effect).
  10. Wait until all the coffee has filtered through and then remove the upper vessel.
  11. Serve the coffee. *