A brief history

The people of Napoli affectionately call it the “cuccumella”, and it is central to the domestic rituals of the home. The Neapolitan coffee pot is an evolution of the French flip-over pot invented in 1819. It uses percolation and, like its forebear, it needs to be flipped over at the right moment with a characteristic gesture.

Preparation method


  • Medium ground coffee


  • Brew ratio*1:15 recommended
  • For three cups: 18 g coffee for 270 ml water


  • Neapolitan coffee pot
  • Espresso cup (60ml)


  1. Put the ground coffee in the perforated holder and screw the filter on top. 
  2. Pour the correct amount of water into the lower part of the device – do not fill beyond the small hole. Insert the coffee holder and filter. Screw the two parts of the coffee pot together.
  3. Place the Neapolitan coffee pot on the stove, with the spout facing down, and bring the water to the boil.
  4. You can tell the water is boiling when a thin jet of steam comes out of the small hole. At this point, take the pot off the heat, hold it firmly by the two handles and quickly flip it over.
  5. The water passes down through the ground coffee in the filter and collects in the lower pot.
  6. Wait a few minutes.
  7. Serve the coffee.