A brief history

A firm favourite in Italian (and Spanish) homes, the Moka was invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. The instantly recognisable coffee pot revolutionised the coffee-drinking habits of millions of families, bringing a drink that was previously only available at coffee bars into everyone’s homes. The name is probably inspired by the city of Mocha, in Yemen, famous for the quality of its coffee.

Preparation method


  • Medium ground coffee


  • Brew ratio* 1:10 recommended
  • Quantities for three cups: 15 g coffee for 150 ml water


  • Moka
  • Espresso cup (60ml)


  1. Fill the base with cold water until it reaches the valve (never fill above the valve) and insert the filter.
  2. Completely fill the filter with ground coffee. Level the coffee with the handle of a teaspoon, but do not press it down.
  3. Check the filter and the seal on the upper section are correctly fitted. Screw the two parts of the moka tightly together.
  4. Put the moka on the stove on a low heat.
  5. Remove the moka from the heat as soon as the coffee comes up, just before it starts to gurgle. This ensures only the best part of the coffee is extracted. 
  6. Mix the coffee with a teaspoon before pouring it into cups.
  7. Serve the coffee.