A brief history

Also know as Melior, cafetière à piston or plunger coffee, this preparation is known around the world as French press, in honour of its invention in France in 1857. It uses infusion to prepare the drink, but differently to Oriental coffee the drink is filtered before serving. The classic French press consists of a cylindrical jug and a lid fitted with a plunger filter, which removes the grounds from the drink.

Preparation method


  • Medium/coarse ground coffee


  • Range* 40-80 g/l 
    • RANGE: refers to the range that can be used for the quantity of coffee, which will vary according to personal taste and the type and roast of the coffee being used. 
  • Brew ratio* 1:20 recommended
    • BREW RATIO: the relationship between the amount of coffee and the quantity of water used (eg: 1:15 = 60 g coffee per 900 ml water).
  • Quantities for two cups: 15 g coffee for 300 ml water


  • French press
  • Electric kettle
  • Professional grinder doser
  • Mug (150-300 ml)


  1. Heat the water in the kettle to a temperature between 92 °C and 96 °C.
  2. Pour a little water into the French press to warm it, then remove the water. 
  3. Put the correct amount of ground coffee into the jug.
  4. Pour in the correct proportion of water and mix.
  5. Cover the jug with its lid, but leave the plunger up.
  6. Wait between 2 and 4 minutes. The infusion time affects the final taste.
  7. Push the plunger down slowly, using gentle constant pressure, until it reaches the bottom of the jug.
  8. Serve the coffee.