36th Parallel Coffee Roastery is a coffee company based out of Melbourne Australia.

The entrepreneurs that started this company have spent over 10 years in the Specialty Coffee Industry in Australia and know coffee inside out.

36th Parallel artisan coffee is roasted weekly in Melbourne utilizing our exclusive roasting profiles which deliver that undeniable 36P taste. We only use the highest quality coffees that have unique characteristics determined by varietal, terroir, and climate. Complementing the high grade green beans, our coffees are closely monitored during the roasting process to ensure the highest standard of quality and flavour come through in the final roasted bean.

We drive to roast at 14 minutes and 23 seconds because we believe this is the optimum time to perfectly develop the coffee beans. Our unique roasting S curves develop the flavour of our coffee throughout the entire roast.

Located on the Earth's 36th Parallel South the center of specialty coffee, if you are looking for specialty and exclusive coffee's then check out our online store.