Roasting in Melbourne

Proudly roasted in Melbourne

36th Parallel Coffee Roasters is an Australian specialty coffee roasting company based in Melbourne, Victoria.

We exclusively craft of carefully roasting the best coffees in the world using innovative roasting practices.

We have 3 roasting plants all geared to different types of roasting.

We roast our way - the 36 way

Just added our latest toy, a 30KG Brambati Roaster.

We are all having fun playing :)

The singles and specialty coffee needed a lift, our 7KG roaster just could not keep up and the big "Mamma" has too much science and not enough art for us to play with - Not really but we had to come up with some reason to buy another roaster :)

We love doing our specialty and singles with a little art from the Roastmaster. 

A tweak here, an adjustment there - Hear the first crack, smell the aroma, look at the sample ......

This is just right - drop the roast now.