Come play with our baby roaster

Learn about Coffee roasting, the 36th Parallel way - 14 minutes and 23 seconds intersecting with the earths 36th Parallel South  The time - the place - where coffee is perfected.

The focus of this session is to get some basic impressions and understanding (mainly physical) of the product and roasting process.

You will do some basic distinguishing between green coffee and roasted coffee, identify change in roaster flame control, repeat the process of timing a roast temperature evolution, repeat how to weigh and record the moisture of green and roasted coffee, and identify the first crack.

TRAINING STRUCTURE. You will attain real hands on knowledge of how to roast and the basic principles behind the development and roasting of a great coffee. This is not a classroom course, this is a real hands on course on how to roast on our 7KG roaster. 

  • Green Coffee Structure and Types
  • Coffee Roasting principles and definitions
  • Introduction to Coffee Roasting Thermodynamics
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • Green bean selection and origins
  • Browning: Caramalisation and Maillards Reaction
  • Roast profiling and logging - theory and practical
  • Beginner Temperature and Time Control
  • Roasted coffee flavour profiles - degrees of roast
  • Basic Blending Techniques

At the end of this course the participant will have a sound understanding of green coffee as an ingredient as well as coffee science in relation to chemical reactions and thermodynamics in roasting. You will learn how to control a roast to achieve cup character and be able to replicate profiles.

The aim of this course is to provide the foundation knowledge for the participant to then gain practical experience on a coffee roaster whether at home or commercially which will then put them in a position to complete an intermediate coffee roasting course down the track.

This is a free training session for the 36 wholesale cafe customers.